About Us

How this Temple came to be?

The Gods set the way for you. This Temple was born because we have followed the call and desire of the Goddess. She directed the steps of Ness Bosch to Scotland and once there she meet Pagans in the area with whom she first shared her intention of opening a Temple of the Goddess in Alba. Subsequently came into contact with Steffi Von Scott who for years was with the same idea in his head. The Goddess sent a call and now the time to open her Temple in Scotland has come.

Ness Bosch -
High Priestess/Hierophant. Head of the Temple. 

 Priestess, Witch and Shamaness

"I follow the Way of the Gods, of the Earth, of the Waters... I am a Liminal Being, an Alchemist of Realities, a Weaver of the Sacred..."

Rev. Ness Bosch is a Sea Priestess, founder of the Water Temple and the Covenant of Waters from which she guides people into the Water Mysteries and the Sea Priesthood. She is also a Priestess of Hathor and Sekhmet within the FOI and runs The House of Love and Thunder: Iseum of the Power of the Heart and co-runs The Temple of Hathor. She has launched The Priesthood of Hathor ® a training for those who feel the call to the Goddess. Ness is also Archdruidess, member of the Clan of Dana  in the FOI and runs the Grove of Excalibur and the Lady of the Lake.

Ness is also a Shamaness, she followed, studying different shamanic ways to heal the soul and walked the Traditional Red Road for several years. During her search for traditional approaches of shamanism, she participated in ceremonies of various traditions such as Amazonic, Lakota, Blackfeet and Celtic in different countries including France, UK, Spain and Ireland. She is a Sundancer and a Sacred Pipe Carrier. She is also a keeper of a Buffalo Horn.


She has Organized 2 major International Online Congresses: The International Congress of Witchcraft and Magic and the FOI Symposium. 


In 2011 she fought a Large Tumor, winning that Battle and developed greater insight from the experience. 

She has moved to Scotland following her Gods with her 2 Children and lives happily in Ayrshire.