Devotional Calendar and Shrines of The Scota Goddess Temple

Monthly Devotions

The Scota Goddess Temple now has its own Devotional Calendar through which each month we will work with different gods, all of them present at that time since ancient times or brought from other places but that also had devotees in Alba.

Scotland is a communion of many people and tribes and this had to be represented also in this calendar.

12 Months 12 Deities to Honor:


Goddess Clota


Goddess Brigantia


Aurea Dea/Athfhinn 


God Odin

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God Belenos


Nigra Dea


God Manannan Mac Lir


Goddess Isis

A devotional calendar specially dedicated to the ancient gods worshipped in Alba


Goddess Cliodna


Goddess Agrona Morrigan


Goddess Cailleach


Goddess Frigga

The Map of Shrines of the Scota Goddess Temple

In this Map you will find places related to each of the Calendar Deities. These places are directly the Home of the Deity or places where they had devotees. Each of these places is a door to the deities, places where we can connect with them. 

As personal devotional work you can visit each of these places monthly and make a votive offering or do it in a group when the Temple begins to organize the pilgrimages.

Here the locations:

1 -Isis Shrine in Hadrians Wall.

2 -Brigantia Shrine in Birrens Roman Fort.

3 -Agrona Morrigan Shrine in Kilmarnock, River Irvine Valley.

4 -Frigga Shrine in Island of Arran.

5 -Clota Shrine in Dumbarton Stone, River Clyde Valley.

6 -Belenos Shrine in Edinburgh.

7 -Cailleach Shrine in Glen Lyon.

8 -Aurea Dea/ Athfhinn in Cairngorms,  River Avon Valley.

9 -Nigra Dea in River Findhorn Valley.

10 -Odin Shrine in Orkney Islands.

11 -Cliodna Shrine in Isle of Mull.

12 -Manannam Mac Lir Shrine in Isle of Iona.