Visions of Magick Online SPF Conference 2020

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As Head of the Scota Goddess Temple in Scotland, I accepted the Scottish Pagan Federation's call for help to hold their Online Visions of Magick 2020 Conference Online, as they were forced to cancel the event in Edinburgh due to the health crisis we are experiencing this year and they knew I had the experience from previous years and conferences.

As coordinator and editor of the event, I decided that I wanted a digital publication to complement the talks, a way to enrich the conference and the experience of the participants. I hope you enjoy the Event! Please consider to Donate to help us

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(Available from the 13th on the SPF YouTube)

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Songs Around the Wheel of the Year 

The idea of the Singing Project Around the Wheel of the Year is to create different songs among all to honor the deities of our devotional calendar for the Temple. This songs can be used in rituals or temple meetings etc. As well as for other pagans.

Having a song when it comes to celebrating a rite helps people who take part in it to connect even more.

The idea is to make a small booklet with the songs and rites of the Scota Goddess Temple with information about the deities and also Record them in Audio.

This is an ideal project for creative people with a literary and musical inclination. Do you dare to participate?

Open activity of the Scota Goddess Temple.

PM us for more info or Join our Group on Facebook below! 

Yule Song

In the long shadows of winter
cloaked in the spirit of the forest
we walk on the steps of our ancestors
cast the bones to unveil the future
to honour the Winter Goddess.
In the Sacred Circle we weave the woods
Mistletoe, Pine, Holly, Ivy and Oak,
sharing the abundance of Mother Deer
and the warmth and the flame from the Hearth.
And as the light returns,
so do the happy times,
our faith is renewed
and love strengthens and shines.
With the coming of the first snow,
the promise of the Sun Reborn.
We greet goodbye the shadows,
the fading lessons from the dark.
We are transformed by the warmth of light,
now we shine, shine, shine. (bis x 3)

Scota Goddess Temple, Yule Song.

Weaved by the lovely people who gathered at the Sylvan Grove the 8th of Dec. 2019 for the Yule Gathering hosted by wonderful Garry Jeffrey.

Imbolc Song

Awaiting the birth of the spring
Goddess is in bloom
the seed of the God germinates her womb
nourishing the fruits of her love.

The golden circle of fire awakens the Earth desire!
The golden circle of fire awakens the Earth desire!
The golden circle of fire awakens the Earth desire!

The blessing of rain shall soften the ground
that embraces the promise of life
and giving thanks we manifest
the abundant harvest of light.

The golden circle of fire awakens the Earth desire!
The golden circle of fire awakens the Earth desire!
The golden circle of fire awakens the Earth desire!

(Repeat song 3 times)

We weaved this song in the Imbolc Moot the 1st of Feb in Glasgow. between all the lovely people that attendent. Thank you!


The Scota Temple of the Goddess is located in Kilmarnock, in the Irvine Valley, Ayrshire, Scotland. The Temple opens to the Service of the Pagan Community, for the Devotees of the Goddess and for those who want to know and work for the Gods that we are going to sustain in our Altar. The Temple will organize various activities (Pilgrimages, Ceremonies, Retreats, Conferences, Devotional Guards...) both in Presence and online to facilitate a Spiritual Approach to the Gods not only to the Pagan Community in Scotland but also for the International Pagan Community

The Temple is a devotional space dedicated to the Goddess, although the God and the Masculine also have their representation here. It is a place where you can connect with the divinity, awaken your connection and take the Goddess to those who seek it. The space will be open for devotees to make their offerings and prayers to the Goddess or God, they just have to write to know our availability.

Part of the Temple Services will consist of different devotions, meetings and rituals, the celebration of our annual calendar of monthly devotion to different deities and different projects that can be followed both online and in person. Apart from that, the Temple offers individual prayer services, rituals Etc for those who request it. For more information, do not hesitate to contact the Temple.

Goddess Brigantia